Who We Are

Youth Employment Services (YES) Nunavik is a project managed by the Kativik Regional Government which provides youth employment services, projects, information and resources to youth between the ages of 16 and 35 in all 14 communities. It offers a variety of services such as pre-employment workshops and innovative projects that promote the success of youth and their integration into the labour market.


  • Develop innovative and alternative projects for youth
  • Prepare youth to be fully involved in the growth of their community, and become active citizens and reliable employees
  • Support and prepare youth to integrate the labour market
  • Encourage school perseverance among Nunavik youth

Vision Statement

  • Help youth succeed for a brighter Nunavik
  • Your achievements for success starts with YES.

Mission Statement

To provide relevant information and support for youth to make informed decisions about their education, training and careers in order to become contributing members of their communities.

Core Values

  • Respect
  • Confidentiality
  • Creativity
  • Diligence
  • Cooperation
  • Quality

Programs and Services

YES Nunavik offers many services to help youth develop their personal skills, identify employment needs, further their education, as well as acquire entrepreneurial values. To ensure the implementation of innovative projects that promote success, YES regularly teams up with local and regional partners:

A. Daily Office Service :

  • Needs evaluation
  • Action plans tailored to clients’ specific needs and follow-ups
  • Professional and educational information as well as referrals to other resources
  • Documentation on job and training opportunities

B. Job-search Assistance:

  • Resume, interview preparation, cover letters, etc.
  • Pairing activities with available jobs and job searchers
  • Workshops and training related to self-knowledge and essential skills
  • Support & advice to help you become job-ready
  • Internships and other related programs

C. School Services

  • Information on secondary schools and vocational schools
  • Career opportunity workshops
  • Projects that promote education
  • Projects that target school dropouts

D. Entrepreneurship

  • Development of entrepreneurial values
  • Entrepreneurship program and information on local resources
  • Assistance to help youth develop and implement projects in their fields of interest (arts, culture, community services, environment, etc.)
  • Innovative youth projects (youth summer businesses, student businesses) in cooperation with local and regional partners

E. Activities and Projects

  • Workshops
  • Collective youth projects (arts, excursions, foreign exchange opportunities, etc.)
  • International cooperation internship
  • Micro-businesses

F. Additionally:

  • Internet access
  • Fax/Telephone
  • Documentation centre
  • Job postings
  • And more